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Does the City, School District or Carnegie Library offer any tax relief programs?

  • Yes, there are two active tax relief programs in the City of Pittsburgh. They are:
    • Homestead Exemption
      • (Act 50) Offered by the City of Pittsburgh since 2001, this program reduces the value of your home.
      • (Act 1) Offered by the School District of Pittsburgh since 2009. The reduction amount can vary from year to year, based on gaming revenue.
      • To receive the Homestead Exemption, the property must be owner-occupied. Taxpayers who have applied for the Allegheny County Homestead program will automatically receive the City, School District and Carnegie Library exemption; you do not have to submit a separate application. Applications for the Homestead Exemption are available through Allegheny County and can be found here.
    • Senior Tax Relief (Act 77)
      • This program is available to eligible owners. For more information on eligibility requirements and/or application forms for this tax relief program, click here.
        • Requirements:
      • 1. You must have owned and occupied a home within Allegheny County as your principal residence for at least ten (10) continuous years as of December 31, 2001. Prior address, municipality or ward and block and lot are required.
      • 2. The property must be owned by you and used as your principal residence in 2012.
      • 3. You or your spouse who lives with you must have either been born before December 31, 1959, or permanently disabled and over the age of 18 (proof required).
      • 4. Total household income in 2010, including 50% of your Social Security, SSI and the Social Security equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits (blue and white Form 1099- RRB), must have been less than $30,000.
    • 5. Proof of 2010 income is required and must be attached to the application. Acceptable proof includes either a copy of your 2010 Federal Income Tax Return including your 2010 social security statement and W’2 forms if you are employed, or a copy of your 2010 Pennsylvania Property Tax – Rent Rebate Returns. The income reported on the Property Tax Relief Application may be compared to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records for verification.
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