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What should I do about consolidating or subdividing my property?

  • A lot consolidation is when two or more lots are joined together legally to create a new lot.
  • A lot subdivision is when a lot is legally separated into more than one lot.
  • Planning Commission approval is required to complete a consolidation or subdivision. Hearings to consolidate and subdivide are held by the City Planning Commission on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesday afternoons in the John P. Robin Civic Building, 200 Ross Street, 1st Floor Conference Room, Pittsburgh PA 15219.
  • You may submit a consolidation/subdivision plan at the City Planning Zoning Office, on the 3rd floor of 200 Ross Street. Zoning office hours are from 8 AM to 3 PM. Please do not arrive later than 2 PM.
  • The entire process from making an application to receiving an approval takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
  • You will need to contact a registered surveyor to draw up a proposed consolidation or subdivision plan. An unofficial copy of the consolidation and/or subdivision plan (not requiring signatures from the surveyor) should be brought to the zoning office for comments and review by staff. After incorporating any recommendations from the zoning office, submit two copies of the consolidation and/or subdivision plan with the appropriate original signatures and corresponding check or money order for review by the City Planning Commission. Mylar film is no longer required.
  • There is a base fee of $300.00 in addition to $30.00 per lot that is created. Therefore if three lots are turned into one lot, the cost will be $330.00, and if one lot is turned into three lots the cost will be $390.00. The acceptable forms of payment are by check or money order made payable to “Treasurer, City of Pittsburgh”.
  • Applicants are more than welcome to attend the hearing, but in most instances the review and report made by staff is more than sufficient to answer any questions proposed by the City Planning Commission.
  • When your consolidation/subdivision is approved, the registered surveyor or applicant should contact the Zoning Office after the scheduled Commission hearing to obtain the approved plan. The plan must then be taken to the Allegheny County Real Estate Department for recording. Their office is located at 542 Forbes Avenue. After the plan is recorded the applicant is required to contact the City Planning Department with the Plan Book volume and page number.
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