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What is a dye test?

  • Dye testing involves placing a non-staining water soluble dye tablet in the drain or downspout of your property and flushing it with water. The area is then examined for the appearance of traces of dyed water.
  • What does the dye test determine?
    • Upon the conclusion of the dye test, the plumber will determine whether or not the property is properly or improperly connected to the sanitary sewer system. If the property is properly connected, no further action will be necessary. However, if the property is found to be improperly connected, further work will need to be conducted in order to have the property properly connected to the sewer system and stormwater re-routed elsewhere.
  • If I am notified that I have an improper connection from the dye test, what do I need to do about it?
    • PWSA recommends consulting a plumber or general contractor with underground utility experience to help determine the best corrective plan.
  • If I am notified that I have an improper connection from the dye test, who is responsible for repairs and costs?
    • The responsibility of the costs associated with the dye testing and all other work that may be necessary in order to be fully compliant with this ordinance falls solely on the property owner. PWSA and/or the City of Pittsburgh will not be responsible for any of the costs associated with this ordinance.
  • For more information about Dye Testing, please contact the PWSA at (412) 255-0801 or (412) 255-0804 or see their website.
Updated 8/26/2015 2:14 PM
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