Public Works Department

Can I swim during the Winter/Does the City have any indoor swimming facilities?
Can I throw snow into the street when shoveling?
Do I need a permit for a special event?
How can I get a permit for a fireworks display?
How can I have parking meters taken out of service for special events or construction purposes?
How can I report a pothole?
How can I report a water or sewer emergency?
How long do I have to clear my sidewalk following a snow event?
How soon can I request that my street be salted or plowed following a snow event?
If a burglary, fire, or multi-purpose alarm system is already in the home or business that I move into, do I need to apply for a new permit number, or can I use the previous owner’s permit number?
Is there a charge for a false alarm?
What are the Winter Storm Levels?
What can the City do about code violations on vacant land it or the URA owns?
What do I do if I notice graffiti on public property?
What do I do if my neighbor has trash on their property?
What if I am unable to clear my sidewalk because of age or a disability?
What is a variance?
What is the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority?
What is the Board of Appeals?
What is the Clean Pittsburgh Commission?
What is the Department of Public Works?
What is the Equipment Leasing Authority?
What is the Shade Tree Commission?
What kind of variance or exception should I apply for?
What permits do I need for a block party?
What should I do with the snow I shovel?
Who do I call to have my street salted or plowed?

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